Linen is so complete that there is no special need to further prettify with decorative elements. Modern linen curtain design solutions allow them to include harmoniously and functionally almost in to any room interior.
Linen curtains are usually chosen by people with high demand to the quality of life, as the linen curtains can delay the dust, which can come through the windows into the room, and also helps to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room – in the winter they hold the cold, from the window side entering to the room, but in the summer absorbs sunlight generated heat.

Linen curtains advantages:

natural material for natural light and temperature control;
easy to fall down, it looks elegant, relaxed and natural;
available different natural colours and patterns;
long lifetime;
linen curtains can be integrated into both classic and modern interiors.

We offer a variety of linen curtain solutions:

thin linen curtains;
thick linen curtains;
linen curtains with fabric panels;
linen curtains with biff rings;
linen curtains to decorative cords or ribbons.

Linen fabric is very grateful for combining with other curtain fabrics, and can be adapted to almost any interior design style in any room – living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.. c.

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