The history of linen wowing is very deep-rooted in Latvia in past linen products were made by hands at every house in our contry. Nowadays linen wowing has become an exclusive occupation and linen products are sold around the world.


Allow us to excite you with the results of this wonderful and mysterious world of endless possibilities – linen wowing.

flaxroom work mainly with flax- not just etnhnograpbical, but also in quite contemprorary and creative meaning. We produce luxury 100% hand made linen using traditional waving techniques. Our production is timeless due to unique features and is great investment that will help to make Your home unique and special place.

caneva collection

All palcemats, table runners and table cloth made with caneva weaving technique. Three different caneva weaving techniques have been applied resulting in a distinctive canvas pattern. Finished with a double edge.

boucle collection

All placemats, table runners, table cloth and curtains made with boucle weaving technique. Special boucle yarns are integrated as delightful accents along the edges of each linen case and within the product.The looser thread within the boucle yarn causes the yarn to have a rough feeling and a bulky look.

picked pattern collection

All placemats and table runners made with picked pattern weaving technique. A special pattern integrated in the product. Placemats and table runners are 100% hand-woven from natural flax fibers on wooden-frame looms.

hem-stitch collection

All placemats, table runners and table cloth made with hem-stitch weaving technique. Hem-stitching is a method of hemming in which threads of the cloth are drawn and separated. It results in a soft, silk like design.